Friday, November 07, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Moses Chan, together with Eileen Yeow, Tong Wing Sze and Samuel Lau took part in rehearsals for a charity show yesterday and Moses showed off his singing skills as he laughed that he had asked for help from Flora Chan, but later ended up seeking tuition from a proper singing teacher. "I asked Flora to teach me, but I was only joking. It is best to find a professional to teach me, but learning to sing is not because I want to sing and make records, I only want to be able to handle stage appearances and the odd big show."

Talking of the anniversary and Flora's performance in "Triumph in the Skies" earning her a nomination for this year's top female lead award, has Moses offered his support? He laughs: "I watch from time to time. (Does Flora look very pretty as a flight attendant?) The scenery and the people are both very pretty, the look of the show is very fresh, so the fight for the female award this year is quite exciting."

As for the kissing scenes between rumoured girlfriend Flora and Francis in the first few episodes, Moses laughs until he is flushed as he says: "I didn't see them, but I saw the big kiss they shared in the trailer. (Was it good?) The whole show is good!"


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