Thursday, November 06, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Miss Hong Kong runner up Rabeea Yeung will be heading out to Hainan Island on the 11th to take part in the Miss World competition and on the 8th, she will be meeting up with the Miss World team in Hong Kong for a motor float promotion before heading out with the organisers and the 110 contestants.

Yesterday, Rabeea tried on the outfits specially designed for her by TVB for her to wear in the evening gown and talent competition and both sets of clothes were in her favourite colour pink and made her look especially beautiful. As this is her favourite colour, most of her clothes are pink and its importance was shown when she took part in the Miss HK contest and gained second place. When she was asked about whether she will even be wearing pink underwear at the competition, she laughed awkwardly before explaining: "No, I won't... as most of our clothes are white, when they have requested we wear flesh coloured underwear just in case it shows through."

Rabeea will be entering the talent competition in Miss World by showing off some Chinese swordplay, but with little experience, she has been working hard to learn her moves. After six lessons, she hopes that even without the groundings, she will at least have the style. As for her present to the contest, she will be bringing along Chinese books, crystals and a table cloth for the charity auctions that will be taking place in the three filming locations of Xian, Shanghai and Beijing to raise money for the sponsored charitable organisations.


[Oriental Daily]

Miss Hong Kong winner Mandy Cho has just returned from San Francisco where she has been visiting friends and family and as this was the first time she has been back since the contest, she was recognised in the restaurants by people who wanted to have photos taken with her. The funniest incident was when a foreigner saw the situation and asked who she was, when he found out that she was Miss Hong Kong, he joined in and wanted his picture taken as well. However Mandy has not felt conceited or overly proud with her achievement: "I just found it a lot of fun and I didn't meet any nice men or get any comments, because I was ill."

On this trip, she also did some promotional work for next year's contest as well as visiting her predecessor Tiffany Lam, having lunch at her restaurant and asking advice for taking part in next year's "Miss Chinese International" contest. Mandy praises Tiffany, saying: "We only met briefly when we were in Hong Kong and didn't chat much, so when I met her this sitme and we had a good chat, I found she was very friendly."

Mandy returned to Hong Kong and immediately began to prepare her dance for TVB's anniversary show where she will be doing some wire dancing and belly dancing, she says: "I have never tried this before, I have rehearsed it once and hope I will become more accustomed."


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