Tuesday, November 18, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Jessica Hsuan has been in the entertainment business for a while now and has worked with a number of different artistes. Among them the most commonplace should be her gossip partner Gallen Lo, but out of all the artistes, Jessica would most like to work with her idol Siu Fong Fong.

Neutrogena has increased it's advertising campaign by spending over $10 million on production costs to make a set of seventy short films offering skincare tips and featuring their three spokespersons Jessica, Flora Chan and Ho Wan Sze. Among them, Jessica appears in a fresh new image that is full of confidence.

With her acting skills constantly improving and working with many famous stars, Jessica says that she would like to work with people outside of TV circles and she would most like to work with Siu Fong Fong. She says: "When I was filming 'Old Time Buddies' I played her and I really admire her talent. I hope I can work with her and learn from her." As for Gallen, she admits that she has been calling him all along and reveals that he has already gone to China to work again. There are many people who are interested in Jessica's love life, but when asked about her current situation, she only responds with the words: "Carry on working hard!"

The annual TVB Anniversary is approaching and many artistes are very busy. As for the awards, Jessica puts her bets on Maggie Cheung, whom she was once rumoured to have fallen out with. As for series "Square Pegs" being the hot favourite and Roger Kwok being on target to win the male star award but in order to share out the awards they will be sacrificing her award, Jessica responds saying: "This is the company's internal affairs and nothing to do with the artistes. Making series is not all about getting awards, if we receive them, then of course we are happy, but just go with the flow and don't put too much pressure on yourself, these things can't be affected. (Who do you think will win?) I think that it is between myself and Maggie (Cheung) because both of our shows were well received."

Interview: Ada Lam


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