Thursday, November 06, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Gigi Lai and Nick Cheung were filming a sales presentation clip for TVB's new series "Shui Wu Mo Gan Do" (Infernal Affairs meets the Water Margin) where modern version 'Pan Jinlian' Gigi seduces the 'Wu Song' Nick.

Faced with the highly seductive Pan Jinlian and with his leg being brushed by her beautiful leg, Nick kept his cool as his experience made him maintain his focus both on and off camera. Nick laughs: "I am used to this situation after making so many films, so it isn't embarrassing and anyway the presentation clip is only a few minutes long so the extent of it is very simple really."

On the other hand, Gigi who rarely plays such flirtatious characters admits she was a little embarrassed: "As I have never filmed with Nick before and having to brush his leg on this first occasion, especially as I know his girlfriend, I felt a little embarrassed, but he was very professional and being able to try different roles is a good thing."

Before the camera, Gigi had to seduce 'Wu Song' and 'Wu Dalang' played by Adam Cheng, however behind the camera, she was being tempted by Adam and Nick. This was because after Nick and Adam had finished filming a scene where they were eating crabs, the two immediately devoured the 'props' on the table and as they ate, they savoured how delicious the food was, tempting Gigi to want to join in. She says: "I really like eating crabs and my mouth starts to water when I smell them, but after I ate some earlier, I developed a huge ulcer that wouldn't even go away with medication. When I went to see the Chinese doctor, I was told to stop eating crab and it immediately got better, so now I can't eat them any more."


[The Sun]

TVB's anniversary will be taking place on the 19th and after rehearsals at TVB City, Bernice Liu took some time out to go shopping with her auntie in Admiralty's Pacific Place to choose an outfit. At around 6pm and dressed casually, Bernice arrived at the designer fashion store and jumped around as she picked up the clothes to try out excitedly.

Afterwards, when she was called and asked whether she was choosing a dress for the anniversary, she said: "I did go to choose an outfit as the store said they would sponsor me. I really like that label, but I usually buy their casual wear and rarely choose their evening gowns, so I am so happy to be able to wear pretty clothes for free. I tried on over ten outfits yesterday and I finally chose an evening dress that had been modelled on a catwalk! (Is it expensive?) Seven figures! (What jewellery do you have to match it?) I have a separate jewellery sponsor and I can choose what I like, they will help me choose when they see the dress."


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