Friday, November 07, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Flora Chan's contract with TVB expires in November and her contract renewal has been dragging on for a while. However, the discussions have finally been confirmed that Flora has accepted a contract, but has changed from being a salaried artiste to a per-episode contract. After Gallen Lo, she has become another main lead actor who has left the league of being salaried and adding to TVB's shortage of full time artistes.

Flora started her career in TVB's English Channel Pearl as a programme host and was later invited by Jade channel producer Tang Tak Hei to join the cast of "Files of Justice", where her stunning performance captured the hearts of the audience and created for her a mainstream position as a female lead. After Flora started making series, she has always been on a salary with TVB, which means that as well as an artiste contract, her management contract has also been with TVB. After seven years, it would appear that Flora has finally developed her "Seven Year Itch" resulting in a change to her contract. Tam Yu Hung was has been responsible for arranging Flora's contract with TVB's talent management team was interviewed about this and he confirms that Flora has agreed to renew her contract and changed the format from salaried to per-episode. Tam denies that Flora has changed her requirements because her salary was not enough in the past, it is just that she feels she has matured in the last seven years and she would like to have more freedom in controlling her worklaod. TVB feel that there is no problem in the change because even on a per-episode contract, they can still continue to work together.

In response to the falling number of salaried artistes, Tam Yu Hung indicates that many lead stars have been nurtured by TVB and have reached maturity in their careers, so they need to find their independence, but they still maintain good relations with TVB. The company will continue to select suitable artistes from their newcomers to offer salaried contracts so this system will not be affected in any way.

As for Flora, she has been busy filming for "Gak Sai Jui Hung" and has not been in touch up until going to press.


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