Thursday, November 13, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Despite earlier rumours of disagreements on the set of TVB's "Nameless Angels 3D", hot favourite to win the station's "Most Improved Female artiste" Shirley Yeung has not been affected by the rumours and reportedly fully backed by TVB executive Catherine Tsang and many votes from viewers, Shirley's chances are looking good against her main rival Tavia Yeung.

In response to the support she is receiving from Catherine, Shirley says: "I am unclear about these things and I have only been in showbiz for two short years, so I am pleased to have been nominated and haven't really thought about winning: if I get it then I would be especially happy." There are reports that Shirley is winning the viewer's vote, to this she replies excitedly: "If the viewers are voting for me then of course I am happy because their support gives me great encouragement, but there is still a week until the anniversary and no-one knows until the final moment. There is only one award and I daren't wish for too much. (Are Tavia and Michelle Ye your main rivals?) My experience is the least and they both have outstanding performances, so I haven't really seen anyone has a rival."


[Oriental Daily]

With total newcomers at the helm of TVB's series "Hearts of Fencing", the response has been good from the viewers after its airing and the producer has decided to film one more episode to present the potential for a sequel in the future. In order to open up new storylines, the extra episode has incorporated new characters includng: Tang Siu Yan, Chun Long and Sit Hoi Kei, increasing in the youthful feel of the show.

God-daughter of Andy Lau, Tang Siu Yan has recently had a memorable birthday and she says the happiest thing was receiving a mobile phone from Andy as her present. Her colleagues had a surprise birthday present for her and the only regret was that she has a pollen allergy so she couldn't enjoy the flowers that her friends had bought her.

Race from female pop duo 2R has continued her role in the extra episode as well as filming for Wong Jing's new movie that centres on some sexy ladies. Faced with these more mature stars, Race says she is losing some confidence and laughs that she rarely goes swimming because she does not want to be seen in a swimsuit. When asked if she will be wearing a swimsuit in the film, she says: "I am a female police officer, I have tried the costume and it is fine... (Is it a swimsuit?) I can't say because the director has instructed us to keep it a secret. (Will your company allow you to have a sexy image?) They have plenty of sexy stars, they don't need me... (Do you have pressure?) Yes, because my image needs to appeal to both children and adults."


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