Friday, November 07, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Claire Yiu often guest stars in Wedding Gown shows and has already become used to wearing and understanding wedding dresses, so when her friends get married, she will offer her advice. Yesterday, she took part in a fashion show as a model and after the show while she was talking to reporters, she received a call from her boyfriend and told him she had finished work. When asked if she was reporting her moves, she said: "Not reporting, just communicating with each other." She says that each time she does a wedding dress show, one of her friends will get married. Just recently a male friend has been preparing for his wedding and she has been helping the couple to select their outfits: "I feel like I am like a salesperson and I am always doing it. I think I could become a wedding consultant. Actually, I have thought about becoming a wedding planner, because it is a happy thing, but possibly because I am always helping other people to choose their wedding clothes I am passing on all my luck, because I am still not married myself!"


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