Saturday, November 08, 2003

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Angela Tong, Eric Kot and Bel Lau were among the guests at a promotion show for TVB Pearl yesterday and when Angela was modelling for the catwalk show, she exaggerated her flirtatious moves and attracted screams from the audience. Angela later revealed that she was very happy and didn't mind being heckled because she feels that her flirty character in "The Driving Power" stood out and this is what has created the response from the crowd. Although she has played many saucy ladies in the past, she feels lucky that she has not been disliked by the audience and conversely many female viewers are supportive of her. Once she met with a female fan in a hair salon and the fan was so happy that she was in tears.

Angela also reveals that she likes walking the catwalk because she is always dressed beautifully, she even says that she doesn't mind being sexy or revealing in the shows.


[Oriental Daily]

Myolie Wu will soon be appearing in stage show "Hon Kong Diu Suet" (Fishing for Snow in the Frozen River) and took part in a charity event with Louisa So and Lee Lung. With Louisa and Myolie both appearing on TV recently, then they were particularly popular.

Working on a stage production for the first time, Myolie is very nervous about the opening next month and she is rehearsing hard for the show at the moment. She laughs: "Originally I had to sing in the show, but later they changed it so I didn't have to sing and just hum. I am not disappointed that I don't need to sing, humming is still good because I don't have much stage experience and I have a lot to learn from Louisa."

With recent rumours about her tempting the producer of "Rainbow Bridge" to change the script and increase her scenes, Myolie laughs when she hears this and says: "I am honourable in what I do and I don't need to explain too much. Anyway, the team worked together well and any news is good to help promote the show."


(Is this how Eric Tsang will look when he plays Taikonaut Yang Liwei at the Anniversary show?)

[Oriental Daily]

With the amazing response to the visit of Taikonaut and Space Hero Yang Liwei from the Hong Kong public, TVB has decided that it will build on this trend for its anniversary celebration on 19th November and arrange for Eric Tsang to play Mr Yang. TVB has already started working on a special 'space capsule' in which Eric Tsang and Ronald Cheng will perform a comedy sketch demonstrating drinking milk and eating cake in zero gravity conditions. With Eric playing tricks on so many people, this time the joke is well and truly on him.

Having just returned to Hong Kong, Eric admitted in a telephone interview that he has agreed to do the "Spaceman" sketch for TVB and he says: "I missed out on Yang Liwei's visit to Hong Kong because I had to go out to Beijing at the time, however I have watched his experience on TV and I felt that to have the chance to play him would still be good." Usually Eric is a very playful character, does he feel that he might become a mockery of Mr Yang if he takes it too far? He immediately says: "No, I respect him a lot and we know how to control the situation and when it is enough and time to stop. Anyway, they are just out to play tricks on me and watch me being suspended upside down."

Even though his good friend Eric is playing Yang Liwei, Natalis Chan is still confident on taking the grand prize on the night as he says cheekily: "From the men, I don't have any competition usually, like Eric just puts something on half heartedly. Also the men don't play with jewellery, with so many diamonds, they run the risk of looking like an Middle Eastern Sheikh. I like to play with fashion and this year I have prepared six or seven sets of Italian designerwear, so let's see how many times I will be getting changed that night."


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