Tuesday, November 04, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Although Stephanie Wang was unsuccessful at the Miss Hong Kong pageant, she has been promoted after signing for TVB with one job after another. After her earlier work with an outdoor activity special, she will have a part in this year's Anniversary show performing Tap Dancing, she is very happy about this so no wonder that she openly thanked TVB yesterday saying: "Thank you to the company for giving me so many opportunities, I will really treasure them. Even though I have no dance background, I will work hard to learn and show my gratitude."

Stephanie also admits that she is the luckiest out of the unsuccessful contestants as she smiles: "I am particularly happy because I love acting and I have already been given the chance to appear in "Rainbow Bridge" and "Palatial Sins". In "Rainbow" I played a contestant in a beauty contest, it was quite strange, as though I was playing myself."

As for indications that the appearances that TVB have arranged for her have a rather sexy nature, does she mind this? Stephanie replies very openly: "Artistes should try many different things and I am not revealing anything so it doesn't really matter."


[The Sun]

With earlier reports that Michael Tse and Bondy Chiu have been frozen by TVB for two weeks as a result of their lateness, when returning to work at TVB City yesterday, Michael joked: "I've defrosted, can't you see all the water on the floor?" Frankie Lam was stood beside him and couldn't resist adding: "I can feel the cold from you and daren't come near!"

Michael says that "Virtues of Harmony" had earlier put a lot of emphasis on him and Bondy, working from early in the morning to late at night, this was putting a strain on their physical health. He says: "They [the executives] did warn us, but the emphasis wasn't very strong and we are all adults so it is okay as long as we understand. Things have got better now." Bondy is taking the silent approach, unwilling to respond about the freeze and Kingdom Yuen acted as her spokeswoman, saying: "Bondy is a happy person, so she doesn't want to respond to gossip."

As for fellow main star of the show Frankie Lam, he says he is not worried about being frozen due to being late as he laughs: "I am not worried at all, because I have never been late. In my opinion, I feel that not only artistes, but everyone should keep the the rules of the profession and being late is not very good. Earlier there were some people who were late, but it did not affect me because this is a sitcom and it will not affect the time we finish."


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