Friday, November 28, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

After working through her birthday on 11th November on her two series "Rainbow Bridge" and "My Master is Wong Fei Hung", Rain has been busy but still taken martial arts classes. However up to yesterday she is yet to show her skills and has not even had any wire scenes, leaving her a little disappointed. However, working so hard has left her with a memorable birthday as she laughs: "I have never had such a busy birthday, so I didn't have time to celebrate."

How have all her rumoured boyfriends reacted? Rain says: "Alex Fong (Lik San) has called me but there is no present... (Is that because of his new girlfriend Stephy?) I don't know! (How about Ray?) He isn't in Hong Kong... it's the thought that counts. (How about rich boy Ting Chi Ko?) He sent me a text." With her twenty-first birthday next year, this is more important to Rain, so she is planning a big celebration. She dreams of having it in palatial settings with her boyfriend setting off fireworks for her. However without a boyfriend at the moment, she says she will be working hard to find her Prince Charming to fulfil her dreams.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Lily Hong and husband Jerry Lamb (Ah Lo) have both successfully slimmed and Lily recently showed off her results in a backless dress. In order to keep her company, Ah Lo has joined her slimming and appeared at the press conference in a 'stylish guy' image.

Ah Lo feels that he is at his best form and when he sees family, friends and colleagues, he is eager to have photos taken. Of course, most of his pictures are with his beloved wife and son Lam Bo.

With her slim body regained, Lily hopes to have more photos taken with the baby when he is about two or three months old and beginning to recognise them, so that in the future, he will know that his parents were once so fit! Lily and Ah Lo both love children and intend to have another one soon. Lily says that they haven't decided when yet, whilst Ah Lo says he will ask his son's opinion.


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