Thursday, November 20, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

After the grand draw at TVB's Anniversary, there was some controversy surrounding MC Eric Tsang, who allegedly gave hints to Poon Fong Fong as to which key to choose and winning her the top prize of an apartment worth $600,000 and a cash prize of $50,000. Also, he was also accused of not helping senior character actress Lai Suen in her decision causing some calls of unfairness. When the show's producer Lam Ka Wing was asked about this, he said: "There were only three people who knew which key was for which prize and these were the auditor Wong Lung Tak, one of the researchers and the FM (Floor Manager). None of the MC's knew so there was no way that there could have been any unfairness. Anyway, they are all colleagues and there is no need to cheat. I have asked Eric about this myself and he says that there was no time to look into it on stage and he was just trying to create some atmosphere."

As for many fans and viewers feeling sorry for Lai Suen, she later said that she didn't feel that Eric was being unfair. She said: "Eric was not unfair, it wasn't his fault, it was just myself not having much luck. It doesn't matter anyway because I still got a cash prize of $8000 and other prizes so I am not disappointed." As for Bernice Liu who won the seven-seater car, when she was asked about the Eric incident, she said: "I wasn't affected by Eric at all, I just chose the key that I had a feeling for."

Eric himself explained later that he didn't know which key was for which prize: "I didn't know one key from another, I was just guessing and I have been a game show host so I wouldn't be like that. I am not related to her in any way, so I was just guessing, but somehow I got it right, I didn't know TVB would put it that way." As for the reports of unfairness, Eric immediately responded: "It wasn't me who was innocent, it was Lai Suen. I just said anything and got it right and lost her the big prize." As for Eric's spaceman act in the show where it was only Ronald Cheng being picked on, he said: "There wasn't enough time to play and a lot of things were cut. Ronald and I had prepared some funny lines and some play on words. Also, I was supposed to feed Ronald noodles and shower him with milk, but we never got round to it."


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