Sunday, November 30, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

The 53rd Miss World winner will be crowned on 6th December and with recent website reports indicating that Hong Kong's representative Rabee'a Yeung has little chance of winning, her colleagues Priscilla Chik and Selena Lee have openly offered words of support for her at an event yesterday and have also called in the help of over a hundred friends and family members to vote for her on the web and shoe their support.

Priscilla and Selena say: "Whether she is favourite or not is down to the people on the web to say, but it is down to the judges to pick a winner at the real contest. We have been watching the websites and the poll results and Rabee'a made the top 20 out of 110 contestants, being placed 19th, so this still counts as being in the running. We have called in over a hundred family and friends to help vote for her on the net."

They also add: "We have been on the phone to Rabee'a and she says that she has not thought about taking any awards, but will go in with an open mind as her goal at this contest was to make more friends."

As for Miss Hong Kong winner Mandy Cho, she indicated at another function: "Of course I support Rabee'a, we are all Hong Kong people so of course we hope that she will get an award, but this is down to fate and to be able to compete internationally this is already a happy occasion."


[The Sun]

After reports of mediocre ratings from an international website for Rabee'a Yeung's chances in the Miss World Pageant, her good friends Priscilla Chik, Selena Lee and Nikki Chung were at a promotion for the airing of "Spirited Away" yesterday and they offered their support as well as indicating that they had called in many internet friends to support Rabee'a by voting online.

After taking part in "Miss International", Priscilla says: "I have already voted for her early on, and passed on some of my experiences to her." The competition is not important as making friends and the three girls openly showed their great friendship as this is even better than winning any awards. Rabee'a has won already!


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