Thursday, November 20, 2003

More Reflections on the Anniversary celebrations

[Oriental Daily]

Amidst the celebrations of the award winners at the anniversary celebration, there was a surprise win for 'Most Improved Aritstes' Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung who returned especially for the celebration and left after their whirlwind stop back to Hong Kong from filming in China with more than they had expected. Tavia said: "Getting this award was a real shock and it was only at the last minute that I was called back to Hong Kong by my manager. (Do you feel that you're an unexpected winner?) I wouldn't say unexpected, even if Bernice had won, I would still be happy for her."

With Bernice being hot favourite for the award, but losing out to Tavia, she took consolation by winning the car in the gaming part of the show. Bernice is not disappointed at not getting the award and praises Tavia for her outstanding performances this year.


[The Sun]

Maggie takes the awards and faces many accusations of bad feelings between the five finalists. However, she takes it all in her stride and enjoys the great feeling of winning. Jessica offers her congratulations, where as Kenix responds to Maggie's comment about her not having a representative piece by saying: "Everyone on the stage is at the same standard, on the night it was all down to good luck." Fans of Jessica and Raymond Lam wait all night earnestly outside TVB City to congratulate them, whilst Tavia passes her award around her fans to have photos taken, whilst announcing: "Getting this award is partially down to my fans!" before cracking open the champagne in the street.

Roger's girlfriend Cindy Au admits to crying for her beau and doesn't mind at all that he did not thank her on the stage. Roger says he celebrated with a bowl of instant noodles before hugging his girlfriend and going to sleep.


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