Tuesday, November 04, 2003

[Ming Pao Special Report]

Every year, as the TVB anniversary approaches, the subject of who will be the top artistes in TVB will be brought up. This year, the award for 'My Favourite Female Lead Role' has had fierce competition, with Jessica Hsuan for her role in "Square Pegs" being favourite one moment and then Maggie Cheung for "Better Halves" the next. However, you must not overlook the 'black horse' in the competition: Charmaine Sheh. From being accepted by viewers to being promoted by TVB, internal and external factors have pushed Charmaine into the league of favourites. Having been in the industry for six years (she was second runner up in Miss Hong Kong 1997), it is time for Charmaine to take the lead.

Of the series aired this year, Charmaine has been nominated for three of her series, inclduding "Witness to a Prosecution 2", "Perish in the Name of Love" and the soon to air "Point of No Return". Charmaine, along with Joyce Tang and Maggie Cheung all have three nominations this year.

Charmaine says: "I did ask the company why 'Point' had not yet been aired, but the character could be up for nomination. It turns out that they start counting from the date of the anniversary. On the surface, it would appear that another nomination would increase my chances to win, but I am afraid that the viewers votes will be diluted." Charmaine is overly concerned as it is still unknown whether she is the best loved by the viewers, however her good treatment from TVB is undisputed. When asked if her confidence was boosted by being in with a chance to be TVB's top female? "Whether I take an award or not is controlled by someone else, there are a lot of factors affecting this. The only thing I can do is work hard at my filming. As for whether I want to win the award, then of course! Everyone wants their hard work to be equally rewarding, but I do not work for awards."

In the battle for the top female spot, Charmaine is in a strong position, however in her eyes, every lead female in her generation is fierce competition and she will not underestimate them. "Only with competition will there be improvement, so they are all my competitors. As long as i tis healthy competition, I will play along with it. "However, the news surrounding you seems to be mainly negative competition?) I will not add pressure to myself because of this, I know the truth so I need not take notice of what anyone outside says. Being angry just makes you ugly."

Charmaine had originally been dubbed 'Mini Carina Lau', but having let go of this image and creating her own unique beauty and even appearing opposite Carina in a cosmetics advertisement. Just as Carina is advertising how to smooth out the skin, Charmaine utilises her youthfulness by making an ad for a facial treatment with a catchy slogan: If you don't believe me, feel it yourself.

Charmaine says that working hard can make her look pretty, but was asked whether having the nourishment of love will make her even pretttier? How much has rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan helped her? "At the moment I am pretty enough without the effects of love. Let's just talk about beauty and making ourselves look pretty and not about other things." The topic of romance is a restricted area that cannot be entered at will!

Charmaine was happy to share her tips and advice on cosmetics and of course, after becoming company spokesperson, she was actively promoting her product: "I will use it three times a week and it has three effects, it can maintain moisture, rid wrinkles and lighten the skin. Remember not to be greedy in the thought that the longer you leave it, the better it is, thirty minutes is enought and after the facial, you should clean the face thoroughly before applying skin protection. The skin needs to breathe, otherwise the effects will be different."

Charmaine Sheh has a secret for being pretty all her life: "Smile more, ensure a happy outlook and you will fight off illness as well as keeping bugs at bay and being pretty for life."


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