Sunday, November 09, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Priscilla Koo wore $3.2 million dollars worth of diamonds to host TVB's recent charity show for the Community Chest and she revealed that this was sponsored by Mrs Cheung Wang Yau Lun and she especially selected a 50 carat sapphire and diamond necklace. As for the beautiful white evening gown, she says that this was a wedding present from a friend.

Although Stephanie Wang did not wear any jewellery to the event, her youthful looks were eyecatching enough and she laughed that she did not feel she was overly sexy. She added that she is considering taking an offer to make an artistic film for which she will be paid a five-figure fee and she is currently looking for a manager to help her look for work.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Steven Ma has been very interested recently in Chinese Culture and as well as spending a six-figure sum on studying jade, he is also planning to redesign his home into an one with an antique theme and atmosphere to it.

Steven has been busy studying jade by scouring the internet and teaching himself how to evaluate jade. He says that on one occasion, he spent over $60,000 on a Jade Guanyin pendant where the jade is able to reflect a person's emotional state. After wearing it for a week, the jade had changed colour to suggest that he was of a poor temperament and his emotions needed some control. Recently he has also convinced a seller to part with his beloved jade that was originally $15,000 but as the owner was also a Chiu Chow person, he offered it to Steven for just $2000. He has heard that if you can master the red sand palm technique, you can polish jade with your bare hands. He says that although he has spent a fair amount on jade, this is just the beginning and he believes that as jade is a stable investment because the price may be hard to guess for the future and you can also pass it through the generations, so it is certainly worth it.

Appearing yesterday at the "Reborn Heroes" Awards Ceremony and after having published a book earlier this year talking of long term illness sufferers, he fully understands them. At the ceremony, there were 'reborn heroes' who told of their own experiences and Steven was seen to be a little tearful, but he denied his later, saying: "Actually, I was happy and touched, some of these fighters have been ill for over ten years and have still not given up on life and in comparison to them, I feel I am very fortunate." Appearing at this event, he does not feel he has helped them in any way, but has helped himself to realise how fortunate he is. He has also been through the lows in life and his perspective on life is that there is nothing that can push his mood up or down as he faces everything with calm. He also says that as well as being nice to other people, he must be also treat himself well. His sister is currently receiving treatment for Breast Cancer and this has revealed to him how fragile life is and his love for jade stems from his love for his own performance.


[The Sun]

This year's Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho has been hard at work yesterday heading early to a walking event for the mentally disabled children and then joining in with the filming for a TVB Sales Presentation in the afternoon. She was also spotted being followed by a handsome foreign cameraman filming her throughout the day! It turns out that he is from a German TV company who wants to make a show on tourism in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Tourist Information introduced him to Mandy as a representative of Hong Kong and showing how important the role of Miss Hong Kong is!


Rabee'a and Miss China Guan Qi

[Oriental Daily]

The 110 contestants for the 53rd Miss World competition who arrived in Hong Kong yesterday and filmed on location on the Tsing Ma bridge as well as in the busy centre of Hong Kong Island. In order to ensure the filming went smoothly, the government had closed the bridge for the duration of the filming. The contestants appeared in their casualwear for the shoot and many of the foreign contestants were dressed in sexy clothes to make themselves more 'outstanding'. Among them, Miss Australia, Miss Estonia and Miss Aruba were the centre of attraction in their revealing outfits and in comparison Hong Kong representative Rabee'a Yeung was well wrapped up and did not make as big an impression.

When Rabee'a was asked if the limelight was stolen by these other contestants, she said: "Not really, everyone has their own personality and style and maybe their lifestyle abroad is like this and don't see it as anything special, but we Asians are a little more reserved. (Will you be more sexy in the future?) No, I will just be myself because that would be more comfortable."

Also, as many of the foreign contestants were 'tall and large', Rabee'a seemed to be losing out somewhat on the lack of height, to this she laughed: "I don't feel I lose out in my figure, actually when I stand in line and the height suddenly drops, the crew will ask me to stand in the front row and this works to my advantage!"


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