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Kenix Kwok - Fighting Ambition Drives her Motivation

[Special Report from The Sun]
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Among the female stars at TVB, Kenix Kwok is probably the one with the least gossip, this can be both good and bad as she may not have as much promotion as others, however she has little time to be bothered as she openly announces that she has an ambition for her career and the truth has shown she has not wasted her hard work, with guaranteed ratings, widespread acceptance from her audience, it would appear she already has what she wants.

From the day that Kenix became first female lead, Kenix has offered her series a definite ratings level and has been seen as a lucky warrior for TVB, however she seems to lack a little touch of fate. Last year, her performance with Hacken Lee in "Legal Entanglement" had ratings through the roof and gained her the prime opportunity to grasp the award for "My Favourite Female Lead Role", but she lost out to Flora Chan. There are some who say that not being managed by TVB has its effects. "I haven't thought about that really, there was only one award and of course it had to go to someone, where others would lose out. Not getting the award doesn't mean it is bad, as long as the viewers accept it and the ratings are good, then this is already a great encouragement. At least the company is giving me the chance to show my abilities and I will not let them down. As for awards, if I don't get it this time, there's always next time!"

This year, she has also been nominated for the award and is up against Jessica Hsuan and Maggie Cheung for their roles in "Square Pegs" and "King of Yesterday and Tomorrow". However Kenix is in a strong position, with "Vigilante Force" being the modern series with the highest ratings this year. "You ask me if I am confident, I am confident every year. This year it is especially strong because this series was highly acclaimed and the ratings were good. However, with awards, it all depends on the time, the place and the people. Of course everyone wants an award, it's like the icing on the cake!" She smiles and says: "Let's see what destiny brings!" Kenix brings a fighting spirit to her career and works harder than some male stars, doing her homework for every day's work, with an admirable attitude that has become her motivation for life that she has never let go of. What is this motivation that pushes her so hard? "I have a lot of ambition for my career, so I have very high expectations. In acting, you can tell very easily if someone has not tried hard and is giving sloppy work. I see my work as a life, now that I have found some success, I am able to settle down a little and think about other things."

With very little gossip all along, you can see the extent of her focus on her work and in today's entertainment circles, less gossip means less exposure. She understands this point greatly, but she will not be silly enough to go looking for trouble.

"Of course there is good and bad of it, but gossip and rumours are not my strength, although this is valuable for the news and media, I will only compensate for this with my hard work. Maybe I already have a very good person by my side, so they have better chance of making news elsewhere and as I will not interfere with other people's affairs, when I see them at work or in make up, I will just talk about irrelevant things to make the atmosphere more relaxed."

Being happy in her ability to find fulfilment in her work, she has had some good experiences along the way. Since starting out, her characters have had the chance to let her show her talent, often playing two different roles in the same series. Her own most representative role includes those from "Detective Investigation Files" and "At the Threshold of an Era". "Every time I receive new work, I will always put my heart into performing and even if there is no chance to shine and I am just a vase in some people's eyes, I will still tell myself to be the most beautiful vase. I am fortunate in that I already have a representative role, but I have not done this without sacrifice. Hard work is part of being an artiste and you cannot go complaining to anyone."

Kenix has created herself a career and a good financial basis, she has already bought herself property and a car and has found someone who loves her dearly. In other people's eyes, she cannot be luckier and she can retire easily and take time to relax, but she still feels there is something missing. "I admit that I am very greedy, I still want an even better career, so I am pushing back the date of my wedding. The company still believes in me a lot and I have no reason to suddenly stop working. However I will not set a limit on when I will work until, when it is time to stop, then I will stop. Recently I have been able to balance myself and find ways of relieving stress, such as going out travelling when I am not working and learning to enjoy life."

The happiest thing of course is boyfriend Frankie Lam. She has nothing bad to say about this other half and in the eight years they have been together, he has been bending to her shortcomings and through his actions, she has learned that she must treasure everything she has. "I am not a saint and like normal people, I have a temper and will lose it or be termperamental. Frankie will accommodate me, let me calm down and then counsel me. When I am unhappy, he will listen to my moaning and explain things, other people can only wish for what I have. I have to treasure him and treat him well."


Entering the 1993 Miss Hong Kong contest as hot favourite and gaining awards for "Best Artistic Potential" and "Media's Favourite", Kenix signed for TVB and her series have been non-stop. She is now one of the top females at TVB and has amazing success. Her first show after joining TVB was "Catwalk Chiu Gai Yan" with Michael Tao and Mariane Chan, followed by "Wong Bo King Ching" with Julian Cheung and Ada Choi in 1994. Other shows include: "Detective Investigation Files", "A Kindred Spirit", "Man Lei Cheung Ching", "O Gei Sat Luk", "Detective Investigation Files 2", "Dong Nui Yan Ngoi Seung Nam Yan", "O Gei Sat Luk 2", "Hap Fu Tung Ching", "Detective Investigation Files 3", "Lam Sai Wing", "Yuen Ga Yi Git Bat Yi Gai", "At the Threshold of an Era", "At the Threshold of an Era 2", "Legal Entanglement", "Seed of Hope", "Take My Word for It", "Vigilante Force", "Ching Chu Yu Nam". Films include: "Jan Seung", "Troublesome Nights", "Ho Kong Fung Wan" and "Raped by An Angel 3".

With a perfect face and a slim figure, Kenix has also been a hot favourite with the advertising industry and she has filmed ads for beauty products, fashion, watches, shampoo, foam bath and property as well as wedding services, Fuji Film, Honda cars, watches and slimming companies.


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