Friday, November 14, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Kenix Kwok has finally finished filming series "Ching Chu Yu Nam" and now has time to go and select her outfit for the anniversary. As Kenix is in the top favourites for the top female character award, then she has to put some effort into her appearance so she can outshine the rest.

Yesterday, Kenix paid a visit to local designer Lu Lu Cheng's offices in Kwun Tong to try on some outfits and she reveals that she has worked with Lu Lu a few times and has always been interested in her clothes. During the fitting, Lu Lu praised Kenix for her model figure that is well suited to her designs. After much selection, Kenix settled on a black evening gown because last year, she wore a very bright dress and she wants to offer something different this year. She has chosen a darker dress to complement her graceful and mature image.

As well as the evening dress, Kenix had earlier paid a lot of money for two pairs of YSL high-heeled shoes to go with her dress. It turns out that Kenix has always loved buying and collecting beautiful shoes and already has over three hundred pairs at home, where she keeps them in a specially made shoe cupboard. No wonder that Kenix says that it is a grand affair every time she goes to choose some shoes to wear out.

As for her and Jessica being given centre stage in the ensemble of artistes performing at the sales presentation, proving their importance to TVB and also with her being a strong member of Executive Catherine's side in the competition, Kenix says that she has confidence about gaining an award and if people like to use the press and gossip to increase popularity, she will lose out because she has always been a practical person and only knows how to work hard.

However, Kenix thanks TVB and Catherine for thier love attention and for all the opportunities that they have given her over the years. Although she has decided to get married next year, she will still continue to work hard to repay thier kindness.


[The Sun]

No longer the number 1 at TVB, Gallen Lo has been making real money outside and has bought a luxury villa in Discovery Bay worth $10 million. As there were three other people who were interested in the property, he looked at it once and immediately made an offer.

After overcoming his marital problems, Gallen's family has been happy and earlier, his wife left her many years of work at HK Cable Television and became a full-time housewife to look after their ever growing son, whilst he took on the burden of winning the family bread. In order to provide a comfortable environment for his wife and child, Gallen has recently spent $105 million on a new home in Discovery Bay in the form of the three bedroomed 2180 square ft semi detached villa and gardens. As this was the last site left on the estate, there were three other buyers who wanted it, including an investor and a pilot, so he had to be quick to be the first to make a successful offer. As he was with his wife when he went to view the property, they took little time in deciding to buy it.

Yesterday, he took some designers to his new home and earlier he had invited a Feng Shui expert to check it out. When the reporter called, he had just finished his work and talking of buying property, he said: "Last week I came to see it with my wife and we loved it as soon as we saw it. I have a nasal allergy so living in a large spacious environment will help it. We're not worried about it being far away from the city, especially as my son is growing up now and needs more room. A bigger home means that my wife and son can live more comfortably."


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