Tuesday, October 07, 2003

TVB newcomer Lai Lok Yi is a tall man, looking much like Daniel Chan and from certain angles bearing resemblances to Danny Chan and Ekin Cheng, what does he think? "Having looked at myself for too long, I feel I don't look like them." Although this is the case, Lok Yi still says: "The people in make up say I look like Danny Chan, but the three of them look completely different, maybe it's just from certain angles... I am quite new, so no-one knows of me, so they say I look like someone else. This is a good thing for a newcomer as it catches people's attentions and they know of my existence." In truth, his smile does look like Danny's.

Lok Yi's image of Danny CHan is that he was a very refined singer with a hint of melancholy in his eyes. Daniel is the handsome type whereas Ekin is the tough and tanned masculine image - they each have their good points. Among his three predecessors, although Danny has departed us, his songs still live on in Lok Yi's mind and it is little wonder he admires his talent the most. Talking of association with other people, he has much to learn from Ekin. He says: "Ekin is fairly easy going about matters and loves the sea, being 'ambassador of the oceans' and even living near the seaside. I also love swimming, fishing and diving. Filming recently on location in Saipan was great fun, with the beautiful scenery and the other young stars."

After Lok Yi graduated from Form 7, he worked for six months as an accounts clerk in a bank and since then he has changed from a pale youth into a tanned man because since his appearance, he has not been away from the water in his productions. For example, in "Aqua Heroes" (Luen Ngoi Ji Yau Sik) he had to practice swimming every day and more recently in "Heart of Fencing" (Dong Sei Yip Cho Pung Seung Gim Chim Si) there are many scenes on the beach, but for a young man to be tanned is not a problem. There is one point that is curious, working in a bank means a stable job with good benefits, why did he give up this dream job for many to go and study at the artiste class and start from the bottom with bit parts?

Lok Yi smiles and says: "It's a solid job! I felt after half a year that the job wasn't too suitable for me, it was very mundane and if I carry on, that would be my life. I feel I should try more things while I am still young and I don't mind starting from the bottom. Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Tony Leung... they all started from the bottom and now they have peaked in their careers, I am very envious of them." TVB's artiste class is renowned as the "Shaolin Temple" because you have to be talented in every art. After learning so much over the time there, he understands that there is fierce competition in this industry and if you are just a little lazy, then you will be left out.

Actually Lok Yi has been quite lucky and has risen more quickly in others. Recently his two series have given him opportunities to shine and although he was a little nervous in his big brother role in "Aqua" affecting his performance, he has begun to realise what acting is all about. As for the filming techniques used in "Heart", this has taught him a lot and overall he is pleased with this performance. Working with Myolie Wu and Tse Kwan Ho in "Rainbow Bridge" (Choi Hung Kiu) and truly acting opposite mature artistes, his performance has improved under their guidance and he would most like to take on the role of a killer or a bad guy in the future.

After entering the entertainment industry, Lok Yi has had less time to spend with his girlfriend of three years, but luckily she understands. Lok Yi says: "To have an understanding between us both, this is rarely seen and I will try and find the time for her when I can." Showbiz is a large vat and there are many pretty girls. Is he confident in this relationship? He feels that every relationship depends on the confidence between both parties and of course he has faith in it. He feels that 'temptation' is not confined to the entertainment industry and if there is to be change, then it will happen in any occupation. At the moment, he is pushing hard with his career and will give himself five years. He hopes that everyone will support him.

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