Monday, October 20, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Yesterday (20th Oct) was Marco Ngai's birthday and he and girlfriend Joyce Tang celebrated with a candle lit dinner. Joyce laughed that the present will be selected by Marco himself and there will be no price limit. The two have already shared four or five birthdays together but they still do not have any intentions of getting married. Joyce laughs that they like being impulsive, so when they want to get married, then they will get married immediately and not necessarily abroad, they may well have their wedding in Hong Kong, but it will definitely not be a big occasion because they have seen many friends who have been exhausted by arranging their wedding ceremonies.

Marco's birthday wish was for his girlfriend to become more and more famous as he laughs: "It's for my own benefit, because after she has found great success, then I don't need to bear beating sun and pouring rain in any more filming and just be her assistant!" He also praises his girlfriend's performance in "The Driving Power" as many usually fussy viewers also have good comments about it.


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