Saturday, October 25, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

With a generation of newcomers taking over from the old generation, this is a natural phenomenon and although TVB has its defined numbers of male leads, but many can no longer take on the fresher roles as the more established artistes only film one or two series a year and others pick and choose their scripts, in light of the volumes of productions churned out by TVB every year, then it is little wonder a shortage of male lead stars has arisen. So from last year, TVB has been planning on the promotion of its newcomers and after several months of pushing and with the help of the reassured ratings of TVB, there are some fresh faces that have become engrained into the minds of the viewers including Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and Ron Ng.

Many people have said that as long as TVB promote you, then you will find fame. In fact, Sammul Chan is not really a 'newcomer'. He has been in this industry for four years and although he is tall and handsome, appearing in a number of series, he has not been able to leave an impression on many viewers. Up until "Survivors Law" where he played a young lawyer, when he left a lasting image with the audience. At the moment, TVB is filming "My Master is Wong Fei Hung" to promote Sammul and Bosco and despite having to shave all their hair off for this series, his good looks have not been affected and he can only become more and more famous.

In response to the promotion from the company, will Sammul feel that he his hard work is coming to fruition? He laughs: "I don't have this feeling, because there are many others who work harder than me and although I have been around for four years, my actual time filming series is only two years and to have this kind of opportunity from the company, I will treasure it a lot. (Have you set yourself any goals?) Of course I have goals, but it will not be in the short term like making so many series or getting some kind of award, my target is the wish to try many different things, like singing and stage shows, if I have tried all these things, then I will happily retire." He says that to be an artiste nowadays is not so simple and you must follow many different workstreams, so as well as making series, he will also try being an MC, do catwalk modelling, stage appearances and DJ-ing.

Discussing out of the new male stars that TVB is promoting, who does he see is his greatest opponent? He replies maturely: "My greatest opponent is myself, everything is about how you see things and you should not necessarily see other people as your enemies, you can also be friends. Even if you beat the other person, then what? This will only lead you to stagnate and not improve, doing nothing for the viewers. Peaceful competition will lead to improvement, so I definitely need to know how to handle my feelings otherwise, I will become the biggest obstacle to myself."

Growing up in a Christian family, Sammul has always been the sensible kid, but working in the complex entertainment industry, has his simple background affected his ability to adapt? He laughs: "The showbiz industry is just a scaled down version of society, if there were just good looking people, it will not be interesting, in the same way if there were just men then it would not be good. All different elements need to be present, so it needs different types of people. (Does your religion give you a great support working in this industry?) When I am unhappy or I am tired, then religion does help in giving me support. (You rarely have any gossip about you, is this to do with your religion?) Well I do go out, say when it is my friends' birthdays or if there is a celebration, but I can also be a loner, going on my own to the cinema or to eat, so I have few friends, never mind female friends."

Although he has few friends, Sammul has had three relationships before, but now he draws a blank on the love side. When asked what type of girls he likes, he smiles: "I don't have any specific requirements, the most important thing is for her not to be fussy and to be understanding. I am very afraid of those girls who call you 27 times a day to ask this and that because I am very afraid of explanations. As for appearance, I don't really mind because even if she is as beautiful as a fairy now, she will not be the same when she is sixty."

Reporter: San San


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