Sunday, October 12, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB's rules were that no-one was to wear black at the celebrations and the group of female stars all did their best to look beautiful. Only Bernice Liu got muddled and broke the rules wearing a black and white striped dress and Michael Tao wore black shoes. Rarely dressing up, Joyce Tang looked ravishing in a low cut dress and she explained that as she has lost 15 lbs and now only weighs 105 lbs, she decided to show herself off a bit, but she hopes to lose another 5 lbs.

Jessica Hsuan was thankful for the rule, otherwise she would have boiled to death in the heat during the ceremony. Charmaine Sheh wore a low cut dress worth over $5000 and stood out from the crowd as she introduced it as being a design from a local designer. As for Gigi Lai, she also invested in her looks as she wore an ethnic dress worth over $10000. She laughed that not wearing black was just to her satisfaction because she has an opportunity to wear some new clothes. As for Myolie Wu, she wore a design by famous fashion designer Walter Ma that was a red miniskirt dress. She explained that he had sponsored a fashion show scene in her new show "Rainbow Bridge" and originally she had chosen a black dress, but because of the rules, he was kind enough to change the design to a red colour for her.


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