Wednesday, October 22, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB's anniversary series "Triumph in the Skies" will begin airing next Monday and yesterday they held a premiere at the Cathay Pacific City in Hong Kong International Airport, attended by TVB's Deputy Managing Director Chan Chi Wan and representatives from Cathay Pacific and the Airline Authorities. The first 'airing' was signified with a burst of fire crackers and much excitement. The production special for this series will be airing on Saturday. When Francis Ng, Flora Chan, Myolie Wu, Michelle Ye, Joe Ma, Bosco Wong and Sammul Chan appeared, they attracted the attention of many flight crew who fought to have their photos taken with the stars and Francis Ng was the most popular constantly being surrounded by pretty ladies.

Flora Chan who has always hoped to take part in a fighting show, finally got her wish on Tuesday, as she filmed a fighting scene for new series "Gak Sai Jui Hung". Apart from feeling great, she was praised for her natural fighting ability by the director and martial arts choreographer and this made her very happy as she suggested this may be down to her dance background.

She says: "Although everyone said I had a talent I still feel I don't know how to channel my strength, so in order to improve my quality, I will work hard to learn." On the day, the more she fought, the more excited she became and when the filming reached 3am, she wanted to do the shots herself, but did not want to keep the crew back with slow filming, so she let her stunt double carry on instead.

When Flora and Francis worked together on "Triumph", she earned herself the nickname of 'The Female Francis Ng' because he found her to be the same type of person in that when they meet problems, they will not only say something, they will also query it to the end. For example when they were filming in Italy, they met with some racial discrimination and Flora stood up to the situation. Also, earlier Flora found that her car's wing mirror was pushed up and scratched, so she immediately went to find out what had happened from security and who had parked next to her. She emphasises that she just wanted to know what had happened and who it was, because it should have been a colleague and it would have been courteous to let her know or leave a note.


Michelle Ye and Myolie Wu were room mates whilst filming for "Triumph" in Japan last year and thus became good friends. Yesterday they took part in the premiere event and were often hugging each other, then after watching the first airing, they were so emotional and nearly crying; this was because the filming process was both hard work, but very happy and Michelle is pleased that there were no rumours saying that she did not get on with Myolie this time.

In the show, Myolie marries Francis and Michelle is the bridesmaid and in real life, Michelle would like to be Myolie's bridesmaid, however Myolie says she has no plans to get married so soon, laughing that it is Michelle who wants to get married. Michelle immediately responds: "I don't even have a partner at the oment, she should be married sooner than me because she is always thinking about dating." When the reporters accused her of revealing her good friend's secrets, Michelle laughed that she was talking about her character in the show because he is always busy flying the plane and Myolie is always busy thinking about her love affairs. As Michelle is playing Hong Kong's first female pilot, she reveals that she has got to know the real pilot Candy and they have become good friends, gaining some tips along the way. The only difference is that the real female pilots are not allowed to wear high heeled shoes, but because she is vain, Michelle is wearing high heels in her performance.

Also, with Myolie gaining the "Most Improved Female Artiste" award last year and competing for "My Favourite Female Lead Role" this year, she feels that she does not yet have the experience to win this award and is looking to lose out, she will try again in the years to come and her personal favourite to win is Maggie Cheung.


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