Friday, October 24, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB will be holding a grand music extravaganza from Beijing's Worker's arena and the singers taking part will include Hacken Lee, Priscilla Chan, Andy Hui, Sally Yeh and Joey Yung. Among them, Andy, Hacken and Priscilla have already arrived in Beijing. Hacken will be singing two songs on the night "Nam Yee Dong Jee Keung" and "Ngo Bat Wui Cheung Gor" and there will also be a group of young Beijing martial artistes with him performing some acrobatics. Hacken says that during the rehearsals, he saw some of the students doing some very difficult moves and could not help but praise their skill. As there will be some swordplay during his event, the director was worried about the risk of injury and has warned him to be especially careful.

As well as appearing, Hacken laughs that he has another special mission and that is to bring a fur coat to Liza Wang; this is because Liza arrived earlier in Beijing and underestimated the severity of the weather, not bringing enough winter clothes, so Hacken has brought her some clothes with him. Hacken says that in order to promote his "neighbourly" spirit (in line with the title of his recent tour and image) then he is happy to help Liza out.


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