Wednesday, October 29, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun, Ming Pao & Oriental Daily]

TVB Anniversary Series "Point of No Return" (Sai Kwan Dai Siu, previously referred to as 'Master of Guangdong') will begin airing next week and a group of cast members including Damian Lau, Angie Chiu, Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh, all appeared in a traditional junk in Victoria Harbour yesterday to promote the show. The group left Kowloon City Harbour and sailed over to Tsimshatsui where they alighted and held a grand premiere in the square of the Harbour Centre. Catching the attentions of many passers by as they were dressed in their early Republican costumes. There was much praise for Angie, who was dressed stunningly in a beautiful Chipao, with some fans offering her gifts of flowers. Although she has previously been linked in rumours with Damian, the two did not seem to evade each other in yesterday's event and Damian even held Angie's hand and put his hand on her shoulder. Damian laughs: "I definitely missed out! When I met her, she had already got married. Angie is an actress who possesses a rare elegance, very feminine and cultured." He is not worried about rumours because they are very good friends and know each other well.

In order to fight this show, ATV are planning to air a series also starring Damian and Angie called "Ga Chor Ma", but Damian feels it is better not to air them at the same time because if the two shows were compared directly, "Point of No Return" would win by a mile. Angie comments that these things cannot be influenced by the artistes themselves, but luckily we have video recorders nowadays. When asked about her chance to be voted for one of the "My Favourite TV Character" awards, she says she would rather the awards went to newcomers because it can act as a sign of encouragement and she has already had an award from her character of Fung Ching Ching in "The Bund" (Sheung Hoi Tan). She also hopes that Charmaine will win an award because she is very hard working and committed.

Yesterday's trip was the first time that Charmaine had been on a junk and with the 85 years of history behind this boat, she found it very beautiful. During the premiere clips, it could be seen that there was a scene where Julian was pulling a splinter out of her bare foot for her, when asked if she was embarrassed when she filmed this, she said that it wasn't that bad, but it was awkward when the press took the photo and made it into something silly. She says that out of her three chances for an award, she likes her character in "Point" the best and hopes that this role will earn her an award at the anniversary celebration.

Julian says that he did not explain this at the time becuase the press reports were too false and he did not feel it was worth the attention. Moreover, his girlfriend is also in the industry and would understand, he also considered that the press were just making a living. Leaving empty handed from last year's awards after entering with "Take My Word For It", Julian is hopeful for an award this year as he laughs: "This year it is the fifth day of the tenth month, so hopefully 'The Moon on the Fifth Day of the Tenth Month" will bring me good ratings." [Em: Play on words on the Chinese name of Julian and Charmaine's earlier show "Return of the Cuckoo" (Sap Yuet Cho Ng Dik Yuet Kwong).] Last year during promotions for "Take" he promised the cast he would take them to eat crab, but they were all too busy to attend. However he has kept it in mind and says that if this show also does well, he will definitely be paying for dinner. Julian will soon be heading to China to film a mainland series for three months. He says this is the first time he will be working with mainland actors and originally he could have said his lines in Chinese, but instead he would like to practice his Mandarin and will be filming his scenes with the original dialect.


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