Sunday, October 12, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Steven Ma has been learning his skill in Cantonese Opera and at yesterday's opening ceremony of TVB's broadcast city, he showed off his art by singing an adapted version of a classic opera anthem to introduce Broadcast City. This was the first time that Steven had sung this type of song in public and he was very nervous, he says: "This type of song (Nam Yam) is a little different from normal Cantonese Opera and pop songs and I have never tried it before, so there was definitely some pressure, luckily my master showed me how to do it before recording and taped it for me to practice from. On the day, he was by my side and taught me line by line how to sing it." As time was tight, Steven managed to record it in just two days, but all went well and he was pleased to be able to carry out this important function, He says that he is very attracted to this musical art and he hopes that he can do well with his operatic skills and take part in a real opera on stage one day.


[Ta Kung Pao]

With the female stars all dressed up to the nines, but the male stars were all troubled by how to avoid wearing black to the event. Gallen Lo and Julian Cheung both appeared in Autumn/Winter clothes and sweltered under the blazing sunshine. Gallen wore a five-figure designer leather coat and was originally going to wear a polo neck, but luckily he had another item to change into. When asked if he was afraid of the heat, he laughed that he was used to filming ancient costume dramas, so he doesn't feel the heat too much. Although he has now signed with Universal, he still took part, proclaiming that his fame came from TVB and if there are suitable series, he will return to his mother company to film.

Julian Cheung wore a bright red duffle coat and revealed that he had just returned from Yinchuan yesterday and when he looked in his wardrobe, he found that all his clothes were either black or grey, so he had to go out and buy some red clothes to go with his multicoloured trousers. Julian laughs that as long as he has the thought, then he will not feel the heat: "I haven't sweated a drop!" He says that he can withstand the heat, but he did feel a little nauseous when he was offfering incense.

Michael Tao appeared in his costume for his series "Ching Chu Yu Nam" that he is currently filming because the suits he has at home are mostly black, so he borrowed the costume to wear instead. When it was mentioned that he had broken the rules by wearing black shoes, he said that it was difficult because most of his shoes are black and if he wore white shoes with his suit like Marco Ngai did, then it would look even more odd.


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