Tuesday, October 21, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Steven Ma appeared at a press conference for the TVB8 (Mandarin Channel) Music Awards and reveals that he does not have a Mandarin Song nominated, but only has one for the Cantonese section and so he feels a little awkward; however, he will be releasing a Mandarin Album early next year so this experience will be a good support for him.

Also, in this year's TVB Anniversary awards, Steven has nominations for "My Favourite TV Character", "My Favourite Male Lead" and "My Favourite Partnership (in a series)". He does not have much confidence in the Male Lead award, because his opposition Roger Kwok is too strong and losing to him is to be expected; also Adam Cheng is outstanding with new quirks each time he performs. As for the TV character awards, he has been awarded one for three years running already, so he is pinning his hopes on the partnership award.


[Ta Kung Pao]

In order to film for new series "Ngo Si Fu Hai Wong Fei Hung" (My Master is Wong Fei Hung), Sammul Chan has had to shave his head and as this is the first time he has gone bald, he was very worried about it beforehand, concerned that he would not be handsome any more or would lose his fans. Luckily this was all in his imagination because after his hair was shaved off, the results were not bad.

Sammul laughs: "I feel that the shape of my head is not bad and after shaving my head, it felt very comfortable. I hope I can be like my predecessors Andy Lau and Tony Leung who both found fame after they shaved their heads." Sammul will be appearing on stage in Holland and he says that he will be wearing hats on this trip to cover his head for the winter and prevent catching a cold. Also he was originally going to be bringing an album out at the end of the year, but as he will not be able to promote it with a bald head, he can only postpone this release.


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