Saturday, October 18, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Stars from "Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu" (The Driving Power) including Adam Cheng, Michelle Ye, Joyce Tang, Wayne Lai, Lau Siu Ming and Angela Tong appeared at a promotional event yesterday in Tsing Yi. However, Adam was half an hour late and he explains that he was busy at TVB filming a promotional clip. During the event, the artistes played games and tested each other's dancing technique, with the winners emerging as Michelle and Lau Sir's team. Adam's character "Mui Gor" in the series has been very well accepted and at the event there were many fans who were holding placards with his name on as they were all happy to see Adam after some time away.

With reports that Adam's new series has not succumbed to the ominous "Ding Hai Effect", with the stock market still doing well, Adam laughs that this is now the "Mui Gor Effect". However he has not upped his investments due to the recent bouyancy because he was a little wary of the "Ding Hai Effect" and wasn't sure whether he should invest at this time, but as he invests in Blue Chip, it is not as susceptible to the ups and downs of the market.


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