Wednesday, October 01, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Roger Kwok and Flora chan were filming at Woo Kai Sa youth camp for "Gak Sai Jui Hung" (Catch the Murderer through Time), where the story tells of Roger holding an eighties mobile phone and talking on it as he pushes Flora along in her wheelchair. Roger laughs: "This mobile phone could be said to be the spirit of the whole show because through it I am able to communicate with my father in the show who had died twenty years earlier and work together to catch the murderer. This show will be horror, suspense and comedy all rolled into one."

As for whether Roger himself had a large style mobile phone himself in those days, he laughs: "Wah! At the time, these phones were very expensive, costing over 10,000 dollars, how could I afford that? However when the second generation came along and they became smaller and the prices fell, I was able to buy a second hand one, but the price was still 7000 to 8000 dollars, about the equivalent of a month's salary. The worst thing was that not long after I started using it, I lost it and it still pains me to think about that!" When asked how he lost it, Roger says that he was holding his phone to get his car and when he opened the car door, he put the phone on top of the car, but forgot to pick it up after getting in the car. Roger says: "Although I heard a noise when I started the car, it was nowhere to be found. At that time I really hated myself, calling myself stupid because that was a whole month's salary down the drain."

Also, Flora Chan's serial "Chung Seung Wan Siu" (Triumph in the Skies) has been arranged to be aired in the anniversary month and to promote the event, TVB have arranged for the main characters from the show to film a production special over three days. Flora says: "Since 'Chong Sai Gei' (At the Threshold of an Era), there have not been any production specials made, so I feel that the company is putting a lot into this series and I hope that with the revival in the movie industry recently, the TV ratings will also see a rise. (However TVB's ratings have been poor lately, are you not worried?) I am not worried because the theme of this show is very refreshing and the male lead Francis Ng rarely films TV series and I believe that he will be able to attract the viewers."


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