Friday, October 10, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Rain Li appeared at a costume tryout for new series "Ngo Si Fu Hai Wong Fei Hung" (My Master is Wong Fei Hung) where she plays Wong Fei Hung's wife Mok Kwai Lan, who has been adopted by a prostitute since she was young and often dresses as a man to move in and out of the brothel. When she appeared first in a man's costume, she had extra thick eyebrows and it was joked she looked like Wong Siu Fu. As well as the masculine costume, Rain also put on a very gruff and loud voice, but she is not worried this will spoil her singer's image, she says: "If I am too gentile, then I will fall asleep very easily if I become tired. If I am a little rougher, then I will be more lively if I am tired. I am not a rough person, but when I am having fun, I will become very absorbed."

Rain is currently filming for another series "Choi Hung Kiu" (Rainbow Bridge) and the new series will begin filming on the 20th, when she will have an overlap between the two. However she is not afraid of hard work as she laughs: "I think that making series is fun and a good time, it would be the best if I have ten! (When will you release a new album?) I think it will be next year."

When asked about whether she is worried about being left out with her manager Paco Wong promoting Miriam Yeung heavily, she says there is nothing to fear because Paco has his own idea and she has to film series at the moment.


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