Friday, October 24, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Yesterday, Carlo Ng, Johnny Tang, Stephanie Che, Samuel Lau, Mimi Lo and Tang Chi Fung took part in the final show of TV quiz "Wang So Chin Gam" and host Cheng Dan Shui revealed that in the twenty or so episodes he has hosted, he has handed out a total of over two million dollars in prize money to artistes and viewers, with over $300,000 of that being donated to charitable causes. After this show, Ah Dan will be resting before waiting for new work from TVB. He says: "Out of the prize money, around $1.6 million was given out to the competitors from the public. Seeing them so happy made it all feel very worthwhile. If TVB has any more quiz shows I will be waiting for the instruction to host it."

Carlo unwittingly won the final round and took away prize money of $91,000 in cash. Afterwards, Carlo said excitedly: "This really is the last luck, I will be donating half of the money to Po Leung Kuk and I will save the remaining forty odd thousand dollars."

Johnny Tang responded to earlier reports that he and Joyce Chan were on a date shopping for furniture recently, saying: "I have no comment, we were shopping in Causeway Bay and the report placed us in Mong Kok. I knew we were being photographed, but that reporter had the cheek to claim he was a tourist." He explains that he had finished filming with Joyce for "Virtues of Harmony" that day and she had mentioned she was interested in buying a carpet, so he did a gentlemanly thing and accompanied her to help her carry things.


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