Thursday, October 30, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily, The Sun]

Sonija Kwok took part in the grand opening of a designer shoe label in Hong Kong yesterday and guest starred as a model in exchange for a six figure fee and sponsorship of a $200,000 diamond anklet, as well as a beautiful pair of shoes. Wearing a sexy dress as well as a black seethrough top for her performance, Sonija was the centre of attention at the packed event. The boots she was modelling are the same design as worn by Hollywood actress Julia Roberts.

Sonija says that she took a break in Thailand during her rest period and she will soon be promoting "Perish in the Name of Love" in Taiwan. She will soon be preparing for her new series and the TVB anniversary show. She says: "I am busy with choosing clothes for the anniversary at the moment. My boyfriend (Deric Wan) will be abroad, so I don't know if he will be at the anniversary." When asked whether she would be dressing very sexily at the anniversary, she says not necessarily and that as long as she looks beautiful then money is no object.

Also, she reveals that she has three dogs at home and has recently adopted a cat from the animal protection society making life at home very exciting. She also says that in the past she would be a little shaky at fashion shows, but now she has improved a lot. With her constant promotion of the product, it would appear that Sonija would like to become the spokesperson for this well known American label.


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