Sunday, October 12, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Louis Koo attended TVB's big celebration yesterday and earlier he had revealed that his contract was nearly up and he was waiting for TVB to approach him with renewal terms. When asked if the negotiations had started yet, Louis says that he isn't sure but they have started talking about it and his contract will be up in December. Whenasked whether he still owes TVB a series, he says that he has been with TVB since the start and as long as TVB offers him work, he will do it if he can arrange his schedule. He hopes that he will have a greater degree of freedom in his new contract.

As well as appearing at the ceremony, Louis also had another mission and it was found that he was constantly trying to have his photo taken with other people, such as Bobby Au-Yeung and Gallen Lo. He explains that this is because in his movie production "Bold Love" there will be lots of photographs shown in the titles of him with famous people, so he is taking this opportunity to take these photographs. When asked whether he will be having his photo taken with people he had been linked to in rumours, such as Sonija Kwok, Louis said: "As this film depicts me as a writer at the TV station, saying I have worked with stars from the 80's, many of these people were not yet in the industry, so I haven't had my pictures taken with them."

Louis says that this is the film he has spent the longest filming on since his step into movies and it has taken him six months. At first there was going to be three versions, but now there is only one and that is the Category 3 version. As this movie is based on a true story, he hopes that the story can be more reflective of the truth so there will be a lot of swearing in the film.


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