Tuesday, October 21, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Joyce Tang has become spokesperson for a slimming company and yesterday she appeared at a promotional event in a backless sexy super mini skirt. At the event, the company also presented her with a red tube top and shorts and she immediately changed into this set of clothes and leaned against the advertisement for photographs. Joyce will be representing the company for a year in return for a six figure fee. As the previous spokesperson was Rain Li, when Joyce was asked about stealing her job, she says she did not know and to ask the company.

After a burst of heavy slimming, when Joyce was asked about her measurements, she said that although she has not had them measured, she believes that her breasts have not shrunk because the slimming was done with machines and she did not need to diet or take pills. The results are very satisfactory and she has now lost 15 lbs, but would like to get down to 100 lbs.

Joyce will soon be making some TV ads wearing some very mini shorts and when asked why she will not be wearing a bikini, she feels that there are too many slimming spokespersons who wear bikinis and it is becoming tiresome and anyway, it is not the season for bikinis at the moment. When asked whether there was a clause in her contract not allowing her to have children, Joyce laughs that there is no such condition, but they should be wanting her to have children because after the birth, she can make more slimming ads for them. After her successful slimming, Joyce is constantly appearing in sexy clothing, does her boyfriend Marco Ngai disapprove? Joyce says that as long as she is keeps a healthy image, then he will not be unhappy about it.


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