Saturday, October 04, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Halloween is soon upon us and Eileen Yeow was at Ocean Park promoting a charity campaign. Accompanied by several male artistes, she entered the haunted house to look around and she laughed that because she had four strapping men to look after her, she dared to go in; although everything is fake in the ghostly attraction, she was still worried that she will be spooked when she goes to stay in hotels!

Talking of meeting strange things on trips, Eileen says: "I have experienced strange occurences twice. The first time was in Switzerland and the other was in Thailand. Many years ago, when I first entered showbiz, I went to Switzerland and in the hotel I suddenly heard a strange male voice and the guide I was sharing a room with also heard it, but we didn't say anything at the time and stayed calm. I only dared to tell the guide the next morning, after leaving the hotel and found out that she heard the same voice."

The other time in Thailand, Eileen was staying in a new hotel and when she entered the room, she prepared to have a shower and get changed, but seeing how lovely the room was, she took some photos first. After taking the photos, she found that the clothes that she had prepared had disappeared and there was a strange voice that scared the colour out of her. Eileen says: "At the time, I could only use every language I know to talk to the being and ask it to leave me alone, then I found the clothes back in my suitcase. I guess I upset it by taking photographs, so it played a trick on me. However, I daren't take photos in hotel rooms after that!"


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