Wednesday, October 01, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Hacken Lee's new album "Custom Made" 4CD's new songs + compilation is to be released on the 14th and will include Hacken's songs from all 17 years of his career spanning albums released by his various record companies. There will be 7 new songs and 45 classic recordings. This album is very important to his record company, so is it being heavily promoted, with $3million on TV advertising with three different ads showing in the prime time slot.

In order to increase the effect, the record company has invited Jan Lamb to create a custom made concept for Hacken and to tie in with the title of the record, Jan has invited a Shanghai tailor to make Hacken a 'Custom Made' suit. The filming took place in the tailor's Yaumatei shop and was done by famed photographer Wing Shya, only using two hours for the shoot. The record will also show inside Hacken's measurements that were taken by the tailor, so his fans will be able to find out his sizes! The tailor agreed to appear on Hacken's album cover with him and Hacken laughed that the yellow shirt was more eye-catching than him.


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