Monday, October 13, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Hacken Lee was invited to TVB's special variety show on Sunday as a special guest and he laughs that this is because his salary is the cheapest, but he must thank TVB for giving him so many opportunities. On the night, he sung and had to play the drums as he danced. At first he was quite averse to it, but after some practice he was fine. As the end of year awards ceremonies are drawing near, Hacken's appearance at all of TVB's events stirs up ideas in people's minds, but Hacken laughs: "If that is the case then that would be good, I believe that towards the end of the year everyone will be fighting for any chance of exposure."

Hacken says that working for TVB is a good thing because TVB's coverage is very broad and this is very useful to him. Earlier Alan Tam had reminded him not to think too much about rewards because the more you do, the more you will reap, especially as the current yield of record promotion is poor so the more exposure he has on TV the better, in particular at the end of the year, then you even need to appear on the afternoon lifestyle shows.


[Oriental Daily]

Bearing the nickname of "Godson of TVB", Hacken Lee was 'heavily used' at their special celebratory show on Sunday, where he not only carried the burden of being special guest, he was the only singer on the night. With so much attention given to him by TVB, surely this will increase his chance of achieving the "Most Popular Male Singer" award at the end of the year. In response to this, Hacken jokes: "It is because I am so cheap, they have to make up for Liza Wang and Eric Tsang's fees!" When he was asked whether this will have any effect on his chances of getting an award, he says: "This appearance has nothing to do with the awards, even if this has happened in the past, then it is purely coincidental. In work, the more you work, the more you reap and no matter if it is a big show or a little show, I will still do it."

Hacken also says: "I will work just as hard this year to try and get an award and although all the record companies are doing all sorts of things to secure thier awards, the singers themselves will not make any underhand gestures because we all like the openly competitive spirit." Also TVB is interested in gathering Hacken, Nat Chan and Eric Tsang together to host a game show, but Hacken and Eric both say that they have not received notification of this. When Eric was asked about whether he would reduce his fee to host shows, he says: "It depends on what the format will be, the most important thing is being happy and I am sure if I was to work with Hacken and Nat, then it would be a great show with plenty of chemistry."


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