Tuesday, October 28, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Flora Chan, Kiki Sheung, Patrick Tang and Cherie Kong were filming yesterday in a shopping mall in Mong Kok for "Gak Sai Jui Hung". Before she was needed on set, Flora rushed to a nearby bookshop to buy some DVDs and bought three Korean films in one go. It turns out that she has become quite a fan of Korean movies recently and admires the work of new Korean star Son Yi-jin.

There have been recent reports indicating that a watch brand had wanted her to be their spokesperson in Mainland China, but because her attitude was too cool, they offered the contract worth $5 million to Karen Mok instead. In response to this, Flora says that recently there have been negotiations with a watch company who wanted to work with her because she was so cool, so the reports are not accurate. Although the talks did not succeed, their relations are still good, she says: "In reality, making ads is all about you choosing me and me choosing you. There are many reasons why it falls through and it doesn't matter. As for my wage being only half of Karen's, I only know that my own salary is not cheap and in this current economic climate, there is no chance of earning as much as five million." She also denies that her cool image has lost her work, because when you get to know her, then you will know she is not arrogant.

"Triumph in the Skies" has begun to air and Flora has been recording it to watch when she gets home. She says happily: "When I see my colleagues in wardrobe crowding around a TV to watch it, they are representative of the citizens so I am confident that this weeks ratings will be thirty or above and hope it will reach forty points."


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