Thursday, October 16, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Eddie Kwan, Mimi Lo, Jason Chu, Yumiko Cheng, Lee Lung Yi and Ng Ho Hong were among the artistes who took part in a promotional event for TVB's latest set of travel shows. Among them, Eddie and Mimi went to South Africa and Eddie took his wife along with him in preparation for 'making' their third child, as their other two children were conceived in Harbin, but they do not know yet whether or not they were successful.

Eddie says that they went for twelve days and originally their focus was on diamonds and abalone, but because every diamond they saw was at least £200000, they just brought back some abalones. When asked whether they had managed to make a baby, he says he does not know yet. Although the lost city was very romantic and the hotel provided them with some red wine, it was all a very rushed affair. However the fortune tellers have said there will be good news at the end of the year. Mimi Lo who was beside him revealed that he ate a lot of high protein foods over there such as ostrich eggs and oysters, so the chances of him having another girl will be very high!


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