Wednesday, October 08, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Auguste Kwan has been filming a travel special afor TVB in East Africa and as he is a vegetarian, he was worried that he would not be able to eat the local food and had said in advance that he would not be trying any strange foods, bringing with him supplies of food. Auguste took with him large amounts of instant noodles, biscuits and wheatgerm, preparing to eat this food for the entire journey. However when he arrived, he found otut that the Kenyan food was very delicious. Also, before he left, he had injections for Hepititas A, Typhoid and Yellow Fever as well as preventative pills. However he was still uneasy when he left because he was worried that he would be unable to communicate with the local people. When he arrived and found that everyone there spoke English, this was not a problem at all. In the ten days that he was there, the most memorable thing was being pointed out by the flight attendant as Bruce Lee and then putting on a Bruce Lee pose, entertaining them all a lot.

Auguste also says that aside from working, he took the chance to visit Kenya's Wildlife Protection zone and saw a lot of wild animals that were remarkable. He also helped to feed a giraffe, but ended up with a hand full of giraffe saliva that he had to go and wash off. Auguste admits that when his manager first approached him with this job, he did moan that the trip was not to Japan or Europe, but after this journey, he has found it worthwhile and memorable. However he finds that the local people are very contradictory because not only do they want to attract more tourists, they also want to protect the environment and not pollute the land. He says that he is worried for them as more people visit Kenya, this will affect the natural habitat. Soon he will be visiting Thailand for a travel special and also performing in Malaysia.


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