Saturday, October 18, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Ada Choi appeared a fashion show for her sponsors on Friday and wore a sexy tube top, not only causing stirs from the audience, but also plenty of applause. When reporters laughed that she has a great figure, like a second puberty, she laughed: "I feel that my figure now is even better than when I was in the beauty pageant, but as long as it is a natural and healthy sexiness, then I don't mind."

After filming a series in the mainland for six months, Ada will be filming for a Gospel film "The Date Under the Rainbow" where she will play Dr Tse Yuen Man (SARS Heroine and Victim) and as this is reflecting a true person, then there will be some pressure on her; as for Kathy Chow's previous role as Dr Tse, Ada says that you should not compare the performances and she will see this only as a personal challenge for her acting skills."


[The Sun]

Ada Choi appeared with Catherine Hung and Chow Man Kei in a Catwalk show for Moiselle to showcase their new Autumn/Winter range. During the show, spokesperson Ada brushed away her coat to reveal a tube top underneath and this caused some wows from the audience. Later, Ada laughed "My figure has always not been bad! However I was a little frightened by the sounds of 'Wah!' coming from the audience. Being sexy is not a problem, but it mustn't be gratuitous."

Recently there have been rumours that Lawrence Ng has been sacked from "Healing Hands III", but Ada supported her partner, saying: "What are you talking about? It is not been confirmed so I don't need to comment. As Lawrence's friend, then of course I will support him." Ada has just returned from filming on the mainland and she is immediately working again in a gospel film playing Dr Tse Yuen Man and then working with Dayo Wong in TVB's new series "Dung Duk San Tam" (Stand-up Sleuth).


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