Wednesday, October 29, 2003

[The Sun/Oriental Daily]

With the many reports surrounding Hacken Lee's performance at the welcoming celebration for astronaut Yang Liwei, another twist in the tale emerged yesterday. Rumoured to have upset the government officials during the recent Victoria Harbour Star Concerts, Hacken had been reported to have quit the performance at Mr Yang's show, when his opening slot was changed to feature Joey Yung and Twins instead. However, it has now surfaced that Hacken will appear in the revised rundown after all. Reports indicate that after Hacken's threat to cancel, the officials became rather nervous as other stars such as Andy Lau and Kelly Chen were unable to appear due to their schedules. With the push that the TVB production team has made as well, the organisers have compromised and requested that Hacken reconsiders.

Representative from Universal Records Deputy Managing Director Chu Kwok Ching says that originally Hacken had to arrange to go to Guangzhou to appear in another show and was concerned about a clash in the schedules. However the organisers have rearranged it so that he will make it on time, so he can make both shows now. Everyone knows who the main person is in this show, there is nothing to fight over."

As for TVB's Variety Show and Sporting Events Manager Wong Ka Leung, he comments: "TVB are only responsible for the production of this show, we have no control over the rundown as this is decided by the promoters. Maybe there was some misunderstanding with Hacken during the discussions, but we have explained this to him now and he will continue to do this show." It would appear that with so many parties involved in the show that are each inviting their own guests, there is plenty of scope for confusion to arise.


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