Friday, October 10, 2003

[The Sun]

Yoyo Mung was sighted at an Admiralty clinic yesterday to undergo a procedure with a well known cosmetic surgeon. The operation cost $5000 and when she left, she had two plasters on her cheeks. She denies having plastic surgery, saying it was just mole removal.

Around noon yesterday, Yoyo took a taxi on her own to the Bank of America building in Admiralty, wearing sunglasses and a bandana. After leaving the taxi, she hurried up to a clinic on the tenth floor, where the surgeon is well known for carrying out plastic surgery on many female stars, especially for creating double eyelids. It would appear that Yoyo had an operation on her cheeks and left about an hour later with two plasters on her cheeks. When the reporters asked her for an interview, she seemed very tired and declined before leaving by taxi again.

When Yoyo was later contacted, she said: "I only went to for mole removal. (Are you afraid people will say you have gone for plastic surgery?) If they have to think that, then I can't care too much. I have wanted to have it done all along, not changing the way I look or adding anything to it, just removing the blemishes. In fact, after the procedure, there are two scars on my face now, but I hope no-one will notice. Actually I did think about pulling out, because when I got there, they told me I needed to have an injection for the local anaesthetic."

Yoyo originally had a mole beneath her eye and a larger one on her cheekbone, she said: "I haven't been to see the fortune teller, so I don't know if my luck will be affected by their removal, but I have heard that 'no face has a good mole'. Also, I have noticed in the mirror that the one on my cheekbone has been getting bigger and is starting to grow hair, so I felt it was better to have it removed whilst it is still soft. When I entered showbiz, it was suggested to me to have it removed, but because I have to not wear make up for a week afterwards, I thought I would have it done now as I don't have to start filming again for another two weeks."


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