Monday, October 13, 2003

[The Sun]

With earlier reports about her father's debts causing much distress to Rain Li, her father has since applied for bankrupcy but Rain is facing everything with strong determination and earlier set free some birds on Victoria Peak to pray for better luck for her family in the coming year. Rain had already tried this earlier in the year and she revealed to friends that this had a calming effect on her emotions and she intended to do it once more towards the end of the year. At around 4pm on Sunday afternoon, wearing T-shirt and jeans, Rain met with geomancy expert Yau Tin Yuen to release some birds at a park on the Peak and although it was rather cloudy with a little rain, this did not affect her mood.

They took a taxi to a small park near the Peak and prepared to release the 49 birds from five small cages. When they were ready, she said a prayer to the heavens whilst Yau recited some scriptures and after about ten minutes, the two opened the cages and let the birds fly into the nearby woods. Then they left soon afterwards, clearing up the empty cages and taking them away with them.

When Rain was asked about this yesterday, she seemed a little frightened at first, saying: "Yes, I did release some birds." However when she was asked further about it, she said: "I did do it earlier with some friends and afterwards, things seemed to go better, I set free 49 birds then as well. The weather wasn't very nice that day, but when I let them go, it suddenly stopped raining and the sun came out. The same thing happened this time as well and the clouds suddenly dispersed. Each month I will just eat vegetarian foods for one day, but if you do more for charity, then you will become happier."

As for Yau Tin Yuen, he commented: "Setting free is a good thing to do and the best is to do it once at the beginning and end of each year, that will make your luck better for the coming year. Rain is a very charitable person and her luck will become better next year. Filming television series is especially suited to her."


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