Tuesday, October 07, 2003

[The Sun]

TVB's Broadcast City in Tseung Kwan O will have its grand opening this Sunday and the artistes appearing are wasting no time in preparation. Yesterday, Shirley Yeung and Kenix Kwok were both shopping in Tsimshatsui for their outfits, to make sure they are at their best for the show.

As this ceremony will be led by Sir Run Run Shaw, the female stars appearing are making sure they get their outfits right and Shirley was out shopping in TST yesterday where she chose a tube top and a chiffon skirt. She said: "I am sponsored by the boutique's boss Simone, so I don't need to worry about clashing with anyone and I can save some money. The clothes here are so beautiful and up to now I am so confused, I don't know which to choose."

Coincidentally, Kenix was also in TST, shopping in the designer boutiques but because she was in a rush, she did not managed to find a suitable outfit. However she did buy a casual suit costing several thousand dollars as she sighed: "I have been too busy lately and haven't been clothes shopping for a long time, but the opening ceremony is important, so I don't want to just choose any outfit. I would rather spend my day off today going shopping as I need to buy some clothes, I'll see it as a celebration for 'Seed of Hope' standing firm in its first weeks ratings."

Myolie Wu was taking part in the filming for the "Triumph in the Skies" production special filming and she revealed that she has been sponsored an outfit from Walter Ma so this prevents the risk of clashing with someone else. She says: "I nearly wore the same dress as someone in last year's anniversary, but luckily we found out earlier and avoided embarrassment." As TVB have specified that the guests must not wear black at the ceremony, the designer has chosen a red dress design for her.


[Oriental Daily]

Patrick Tam was interviewed by the Taiwanese press yesterday and he revealed that he would be heading to America at the end of his year and marry his girlfriend of three years, Fiona on Christmas Eve in a white wedding ceremony. As his girlfriend was born on Christmas Eve, he especially chose this date to hold his wedding.

However, during the marriage preparations, there has been a little hitch due to a third party. The reason is that director Wong Jing has asked him to appear in new movie "The Story of Zhu Geliang" together with Dicky Cheung, Anthony Wong and Deannie Yip. Patrick is very interested in playing the dashing character of Zhou Yu, so he was worried this may affect his wedding plans. In the end, Wong Jing has generously allowed him to take two weeks leave for his wedding and this has resolved the problem.

Talking little of his love affairs in the past, Patrick seems especially excited about his wedding as he says: "The preparations for the wedding had started nine months ago, but this white wedding will not have too many details, just the two families to witness the occasion - just thinking about it makes it seem so romantic."

Also, when asked whether Patrick's mentor Anita Mui will be at the wedding, he says: "She knows I will be getting married, but she should be on tour at the time." Patrick is also very concerned about Anita's health as he continues: "Anita has said she is very confident about fighting her illness and in front of our group of friends, she guarantees that she will get better, I believe she will keep her word."


[Oriental Daily]

Gallen Law was back in Broadcast City yesterday, especially to play the role of Li Shimin for TVB's Sales Presentation to be held in November. He appeared in his emperor's gown, standard dress and archery kit costumes and revealed that he will soon be heading out to Beijing to film some advertisements and a China production. As for the recent rumours about Lawrence's deeds in Beijing, he laughs that it is 'high risk' in China at the moment and he will be careful. Gallen laughs that he is more afraid about his toes freezing than the paparazzi - very brave indeed.

In fact, Gallen has been very interested in Lawrence's news and speaks out for his friend, saying: "There is not much to the photos. (They were holding hands!) Just the back, there was nothing. Let Lawrence come back and explain it all himself." As for whether he has engagements when he is working in China, he says: "Rarely, usually my schedule is very tight, the most I will go for is a drink, it is quite normal." He is more worried about the cold weather in Beijing: "I have been to the North Pole to film and it was so cold, I had problems with my toes. The toes on my left foot were numb for a year and the impression is very deep and it makes me very afraid of the cold, so I need to take more winter clothes with me."


[Oriental Daily]

Believe it or not, it's up to you, but whenever Adam Cheng's series are aired, the stockmarket will fall with the "Ding Hai Effect" becoming a legend in the marketplace. Adam's new series "The Driving Power" (Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu) began airing on Monday and everyone was very concerned about the effect this would have on the stock exchange, the result at the close of trading the Hang Seng Index was up by over 120 points and Adam is very happy about this, finally breaking away from his destiny.

However, as the series did not begin airing until a few hours after the close on Monday, there was another coincidence when the index fluctuated again on Tuesday and at one point fell by over a hundred points before rising to end on a day's drop of just ten points.

Adam, who is filming in China at the moment was very nervous about yesterday's stock exchange fluctuations and kept asking how much it had fallen by. When he was told it was just ten points, he breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good, in fact it has been a profit, after rising by over a hundred on Monday and then just falling back by ten, so I am not disappointed. Actually this is just a technical evening of profits after such a big rise, it is time to fall a little, I am very confident in the stock market."

In fact, Adam is not too bothered about the stock market index points, but more about the ratings points and although the official ratings have not yet been announced, he hopes to know the reactions from viewers. Adam says: "Luckily, some of my friends have watched it and say that it is quite good. No matter what the markets are like, as long as I get good reviews on the show, I will be happy."

As for whether the "Ding Hai Effect" has passed, we still need to see where the Hang Seng index is after the show has finished airing.


[Oriental Daily]

With recent allegations of Lawrence Ng's affairs with some PR girls in Beijing, this has had some effect to his image, but TVB still supports him and has confirmed that they will be filming "Healing Hands III" next year, with Lawrence still playing the honourable doctor Ching Chi Mei in the leading role. This show will be at the heart of the sales presentation to be held in November, but as Lawrence will be filming in Beijing at the time, he will be too busy to return and help to film the clip for this. TVB will make do by editing pieces from the first two instalments. When Lawrence was contacted regarding this, he responded directly for the first time.

After the incident, Lawrence has been evading the Hong Kong press and earlier he had revealed to the Chinese press that the people in the picture were just his friends and not PR girls. He is also preparing to take legal action against the magazine. However, Lawrence revealed in his direct interview that he has never been interviewed by the mainland press and in response to the incident, he said seriously: "Do you really believe what the magazines say? Is whatever they say the truth? Do you think that "Sudden Weekly" is credible? (Well is the report true?) I will not be responding against this incident. (How are you feeling?) Of course I am unhappy."

As for TVB's support for him in filming "Healing Hands III", Lawrence asks in return: "Why wouldn't TVB support me? Who thinks that the report would affect it? I know that TVB would be filming this series all along, but I am currently working in Beijing and can't get back to film the presentation clip. If this show is confirmed, then I think it will have to wait until next year." It would appear that Lawrence fully understands the forgetful nature of the Hong Kong public and it would appear that when Lawrence finishes his current work, everyone will have totally forgotten about his negative press.


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