Friday, October 31, 2003

[The Sun]

TVB's Anniversary celebrations are upon us soon and among them the fight for the "My Favourite Female Lead Character" award is heating up. Due to the acceptance that the Male Lead award is safely in the hands of Roger Kwok's "Ah Wong", production boss Catherine Tsang is concerned that if Jessica Hsuan takes the female award, then the credit will all rest with "Square Pegs" Producer Leung Ka Shu, and so she is openly supporting Maggie Cheung for her role in "King of Yesterday and Tomorrow" in the fight for the award.

With the spotlight on these two awards every year, the great ratings and popularity of "Square Pegs" has secured the male award for Roger and originally Jessica's lead role in the show would have made her a hot favourite, however the power struggle between the backstage heads appears to have resulted in a drop in her chances.

Everyone knows about the two camps that are led by the two top TVB producers Tsang and Leung each with their own following of crew and artistes. With one award more than likely heading in Leung's direction, then it is not surprising that Tsang will fight to the end to gain her share of the glory. In fact, Maggie Cheung is one of Tsang's treasured artistes and her 'godson' Steven Ma has also been promoted heavily, with a great performance from Maggie in "King of Yesterday" as Lui Sei Leung as well as "Better Halves", this has led to Tsang offering her open support for Maggie against rival Jessica. As Jessica has previously taken the award back in 1999 for "Detective Investigation Files IV", then maybe it is Maggie's turn to take the award for the first time, however there is also strong opposition from Kenix Kwok in "Take My Word for it" and Charmaine Sheh in "Witness to a Prosecution 2".

In response to the reports about her fighting against Maggie for the awards, Jessica laughs: "Don't say we are fighting, there are lots of chances for everyone this year, because there is no-one who is outstanding, unlike the male lead that is so obvious. The more people in the game the merrier because no-one will know until they announce it and that is more exciting. (Will you have less of a chance because you have won it before?) I can win it again!" As for Maggie, she says: "Don't say arch rival, we each have our own merits and our own supporters, it isn't important if you win or not, the most important thing is being accepted by everyone."


[Ming Pao]

Jessica Hsuan sees personal privacy very importantly such that when she goes out with friends for dinner, she is very alert and wary about anyone listening in to her, but you can never be too careful. With reports on the internet that a female star has had her telephone bugged, she is especially careful when she is talking to her friends or on the phone.

However, Jessica's privacy is still breached as she went for a body check earlier and even before she had received the report, there were reporters on the phone asking her about the results. Jessica was rather shocked because it is serious if her confidentiality has been breached. After some investigation, Jessica found out that it was not the doctor, but possibly one of the nurses who had told of her situation and for the sake of the reputation and future of this doctor, she has not pursued this matter, but she feels that there is a problem with some people's professional ethics.


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