Tuesday, October 14, 2003

[The Sun, Ta Kung Pao, Ming Pao]

After being accused of having put on a bit of weight for her recent filming of TV series, Joyce Tang is the latest star to have landed herself with a slimming sponsorship. After losing 15 lbs in 6 weeks, she took part in a photoshoot yesterday for a series of ads, wearing 8 sets of designer clothing and accessories, offering a sexy, elegant look that is still full of vitality.

The shoot took 12 hours in all, but throughout, Joyce was drinking pop and eating a pizza. She commented that after losing 15 lbs, she feels very relaxed and does not need to diet any more. She is happy because she feels she looks better in her clothes now and of course at the chance to earn some money.


[Oriental Daily, The Sun]

A group of artistes from TVB's youth show "Dong Sei Yip Cho Pung Seung Gim Jim Si" (Hearts of Fencing) including Wong Yuen Ling (Race), Tai Mung Mung, Lai Lok Yi and Chan Yu Sum were at a promotional event yesterday handing out signed posters and bookmarks, but the atmosphere was lonely as few passers-by stopped to look. When the MC Tong Wing Sze asked the small crowd if anyone was watching the show, the silent reception was more than a little embarrassing. The only small group of fans present were there to see Race, so it was little wonder she was beaming throughout. Later she said: "There weren't many people at this event today, maybe as it isn't a holiday they have to go to school so it is quiet."

As for whether Tai Mung Mung was disappointed that her fans weren't there to support her, she held on saying: "Of course not, my fans did come, but they didn't bring their placards with them! (Didn't they have to got to school?) No it was their day off, but the fan club members had to go to school."


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