Thursday, October 30, 2003

[The Sun]

Stephanie Wang was filming in the Sai Kung Outdoor camp yesterday for an adventure programme with Kevin Cheng and Jade Leung yesterday and used to the good life, Stephanie found it difficult in the game where they had to swing in the trees like Tarzan. With arms and legs all over the place, she was left behind after everyone else had crossed and had to depend on help from Jade before she could complete the task. When they were canoeing, she was paired with Jade and such a simple task would have been no problem for Jade, however the two were struggling in the water for a long time as Stephanie even asked Jade: "Why has everyone else landed and we still aren't there?" When we heard this, we couldn't hold in our laughter.

Stephanie says that out of all the events, the scariest was the jump into the sea because she is afraid of heights! She said that the programme's sponsors will be sponsoring her clothing for the next year so she can choose what she likes: "I have chosen a warm jacket for my dad worth three thousand dollars. I think the company like me for being so young and they wanted to give me some encouragement because I was so scared in the games."


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