Wednesday, October 22, 2003

[The Sun]

Shirley Yeung took part with Bobo Chan in quiz show "Wang So Chin Gam" earlier and in response to her nomination for "The Most Improved" award this year, she says: "I am quite nervous as in the two years I since I entered the industry, I don't know how well the audience have accepted me, if I get this award, it will be like an injection of confidence for me. (Has your boyfriend Gregory Lee been supporting you?) He has just been normal." Talking of being left out at the anniversary press conference, Shirley says: "I wasn't really left out, I just chose to sit in an empty space so it was easy to get to the stage." She reveals that in the TVB sales presentation, she does not have to bind her chest whilst playing a male Fong Sai Yuk: "Because we get the same effect with a sports bra and a corset, then I don't need to wrap it up."


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