Thursday, October 09, 2003

[The Sun]

Sammul Chan and Bernice Liu were among the models for a fashion show yesterday and they had to share a dressing room with Yuen Tze Wai. Originally the arrangements were fine, but because the girls took too long getting changed, it caused some embarrassment for debut model Sammul. He said: "They were slow getting changed and wouldn't let me in until they had finished and I had to stand and wait outside. Other models were changing outside and seeing them all walking around semi-naked, it was good on the eyes, but I was a bit embarrassed and my face went very red."

Also modelling for the first time, Bernice Liu did a lot of preparation for this show as she says: "I put a lot of cream on my arms and legs and used minimal make up and no perfume. I deliberately put some neutral colours on my nails so it would match the clothes more easily."


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