Saturday, October 11, 2003

[The Sun]

Priscilla Chik took part in the Miss International contest in Japan earlier and although she didn't win any awards, she is not disappointed as she says: "I have tried my best so no disappointment." She reveals that she had the support of her parents, auntie, cousin and Rabee'a Yeung on this trip and when asked whether she did a lot of shopping, she said: "The Yen is very high and it makes things expensive, so I didn't buy much and there was only one day for shopping so there wasn't enough time to choose."

Also during the contest, she made many friends, the best of which was Miss Philippines. She says: "My room-mate was Miss Ethiopia and at first I thought she was very thin, but it turned out she was rather plump and cute, totally different from what I had imagined." She got on best with the SE Asian contestants and was very happy when they all exchanged presents.


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